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Beauty or Bitch...IDK Both

My best friend had always been a very stand-offish person basically when we were younger she would only date guys that had the best car on campus, dressed best and the most gorgeous men you have ever seen. If she even looked in your direction guys would basically chase after her as if she had some hypnotizing perfume.

I've witnessed her go through so many men, then she would disregard them without looking back once. She would one minute be completely in love and the next would call me and tell me how she was attracted to another guy, and another and another. This would happen so many times for so many years.

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" - this is a very true statement.

When I met my best friend she was a beauty inside and out. Her cousin introduced her to me because I was looking for a receptionist. She came to my office and knew quite a bit about me and I offered her the job because of her appearance as well as her skillset. She was 5'10 and 135 pounds, came in with a beautiful green dress, matching shoes, and a stunning green and pink purse with a Michael Kors watch to match.

She looked at me with those big green beautiful eyes and said I have never worked in an office environment but I went to Saint Marys College and I have great computer skills. I hired her and she became indispensable as an employee.

As our friendship grew, she basically became my best worker and we became great friends. She would plan all my social events and of course, accompany me to all of them. We shared stories about family and personal relationships. I had been in a long-term relationship, and we eventually married. I kept trying to give her advice. She was in and out of flings quite a bit. She really never shared a deep connection with any of them.

On several occasions, she would have three dates basically breakfast, lunch, and dinner dates in one day. Need I mention with three different men. It was concerning because she had started drinking alcohol excessively and having casual sex constantly. I would give her advice but no matter how much sense I made, no matter how valid my concerns were she would brush it off. Her famous words directed at me were; "you're not my mother, don't judge or leave it alone, you will never understand".

Eventually, she ended up having a baby girl with one of her boyfriends and another baby boy with another boyfriend. Her family no longer wanted her around them and she was fine with that as well. I once dropped her off at her home after a business meeting and she yelled out her balcony don't go. "Please help me".

I went upstairs to her apartment and her boyfriend had taken everything out of the apartment, leaving her with nothing but the broken glass on the floor. Not even a good-bye note. After we swept the floor from all the broken glass, I noticed she was on her phone. I asked if she called the police and she laughed and said no, I called a new guy that I have been talking to. She said with her eyes still bloodshot from some pitiful crying, I want to go out with him and have fun.

When the guy arrived not even an hour after arriving at her home she was off again, she pulled me to the side and said, "I am going to go with this guy to several bars looking for him and then I will start a fight with him. Then I will put him in jail. I know how to push his buttons. I have to get him back for what he has done."

The downside of her chaos for my business was that she would take time off too often, come in late, or completely call in sick especially on Mondays. Eventually, I absolutely was left with no option but to let her go. One indiscretion with a married man and several with wealthy clients made my decision to fire her easy regardless of our friendship.

I realized that she could no longer adequately represent our organization with integrity and respect.

I ran into her at a funeral for one of our employees that passed away after a car accident. I walked into the church to pay my last respects and say farewell to a sweet, professional, and beautiful young lady. When I sat down to listen to mass I was approached from behind by my long-lost best friend, She reached her arms out to hug me, and she said life is too short. After mass, she said that she had gone to rehab, and was clean. She apologized and asked if we could go out to dinner to catch up.

We met at one of our favorite restaurants and we started to catch up. There I was again listening to her stories. After she told me about all the wonderful new people in her life and how much she learned about herself in therapy. She then ordered one bloody mary, then several shots and as she started to get drunk, her truths started to come back out.

She had only gone to rehab because her family was going to cut her inheritance off if she did not go. She then started spilling all the beans and said she was on several dating sites just to get money from lonely rich men, she was also a sugar baby to a rich retired pilot in his 80's, and how she would con money out of all the men. Some through another dating site called Just Arrangements.

I looked at her as she was telling me how she deserved every cent. I basically laughed at her and asked her how can you look so beautiful, but in reality turn out to be such a bitch, she looked at me surprised at my reaction, as I got up to leave she stared at me with those once stunningly beautiful big green eyes and said I'm a cold person, I use men on dating apps because they are stupid.

They believe the lies I tell them. I make them think that I am interested in them but I only want their money. They are idiots to think that I would even want them. In fact, they are gross. I left her at the restaurant and never looked back. Her eyes, soul, and entire being were full of ugliness and I wanted nothing to do with her ever again.

To women and men alike my message is this; if you are looking to fall in love online through a dating app be aware that nowadays 1 out of 100 profiles are good. You also don't have enough information about the person. They can write anything on their profile. Besides that, there are many more reliable ways to meet a sincere person that has gone through a face-to-face interview with a matchmaker.

You can meet someone that has also gone through a background check that is compatible with you. Why risk the chance of being a victim of a cold person, a cheat, and a scam artist such as my old best friend. My advice is to go to Capital City Exclusive which works with Sacramento's Finest Singles. They are trustworthy and work to find dates that are meaningful and fulfilling. Look at their website

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