How Scammer in Online Dating Can Ruin Your Life (Emotionally and Financially)

Nowadays, there are more horror stories from online dating compared to the good ones. It's extremely hard to find people who don't have bad experiences with it.

Not long ago, one of our clients here in CCE told us that his best friend met a very attractive woman online, and one night she said she wanted to meet him. Then they met at a hotel lobby where she had rented a room for the night; after a few drinks, they went up to her room. Only to have her boyfriend pop out of the closet with a gun and rob him. His friend fought back, and the other guy pulled out a gun.

The shot killed him.

It's tragic, but that's what happens when you meet scammers online. So dating online, especially on apps like Tinder, isn't always butterflies and roses. It has some huge risks, too, if you aren't being careful.

And that's just one example of how people got scammed through online dating. There are many other awful stories where people lost money because their virtual "love" demanded them with some emotional blackmail involved.

The Warning Signs

It's so easy to ignore your gut feelings when you're madly in love with someone from the internet. In your mind, they're real, and you build up their persona by interacting with them every day.

Here are several warning signs from a scammer that you need to take seriously:

1. They always stretch it when it comes to meeting in person.

You can't talk with someone just by text/phone forever. At some point, you have to meet them in person and see if they match with what you expected in your head.

Yet when they're trying to scam you, they obviously don't want to meet in person. Most times, they don't even want to do a video call because they need to hide their real identity from you.

2. They don't want to open up about their personal lives.

Women especially love the attention from strangers, and this makes it easy to fall into the pattern where all conversations revolve around you and your life. You don't know their last name, and you don't know if their home address is real.

So you need to ask them to share their personal lives with you. If it's a normal person, she/he wouldn't have any problems talking about it, but scammers try to avoid sharing anything personal and use the "I have trust issue and highly introvert" excuse.

3. Yet it seems off when they did share it with you.

You can just feel it.

They sent you photos, but they don't seem real, or they told you their full names and where they went to school, but you couldn't seem to believe them. Their social media didn't have any clear photos. And every picture they show you just look like something you can download from google.

If you have any of this suspicion, don't let it slide. It might be your gut telling you what's wrong with the person you've been talking to.

4. They seem/look too perfect to be true.

Since scammers are also very good with words, you might fall for them because of the constant compliments they give you or how much they care about you and your life.

Overall, they make you feel like they're perfect, but then there's this little voice inside your head that says everything's in them is just too good to be true. Your logical sense knows there's no such a perfect person, but then your feelings might get in the way.

That's why whenever you feel like it's too good to be true and something definitely feels off, try to talk to your friends/people around you to seek their opinions. Sometimes it's the other person from outside of your "bubble" that can see it.

Bottom Line

Sadly this kind of scam where people end up losing so much (money, time, and energy) happens a lot to those who just get exposed to the online dating world. They're too excited when they find someone who shows interest in them.

And since they're very much in love with the scammer, it's hard for them to get the "wake-up" call that it's not a real relationship and they should run from it.

With that being said, if you're currently considering trying out the dating apps, think again. Putting yourself out there just for any scammers to take advantage of you is definitely not a good option.

Why don't you invest your time and energy in something that gives you real results instead?

Here at Capital City Exclusive, we help people find their potential mates where we work with Sacramento's Finest Singles. All profile you'd see has gone through some background checks, so you don't need to worry whether they're trustworthy or not.

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