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Taking Matchmaking Up A Notch

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Countless hearts get broken every day, and many file for divorce daily. Why is that so? It is because there was no compatibility from the start. Are you in a similar situation and you are looking for Matchmaking dating services? Do you want to start dating in Sacramento but do not know where to begin? Capital City Exclusive has been helping Sacramento’s Finest Singles find relationships that are fulfilling and long-lasting.

Does Capital City Exclusive offer the best matchmaking services near me?

Yes, we do. Although many have come before us, we have repeatedly proven our legitimacy as a professional dating agency. And with us, you can rest assured that we do the work while you have all the fun. Our matchmakers help you because they are passionate about love and happiness. Finding singles gets easier with us.

As a successful matchmaking agency, we have already taken singles matchmaking up a notch. And when you engage us as your local matchmaker, you can rest assured of getting positive results. The majority of our clients have told us that these are some of the reasons that made them choose Capital City Exclusive over other dating apps and online dating websites.


Everyone is unique! What you're searching for in a mate isn't the same as what others do; we recognize this and modify our approach to suit your needs. Before we present you with matches we put forth a significant effort to find, screen, and interview a compatible match.

Every member is obliged to undergo an in-person screening, and the result of this screening determines singles who are a good fit for you. With this, we will most likely match you to people who are practically identical to what you have stated or those compatible with your personality.

On our site, you're not only meeting people who match your values and fit your interests but also meeting people who are truly determined to find someone.


We value your privacy and safety above all else! No online profiles - No online pictures -we keep all of your personal information private. Confidentiality is strictly enforced. Our client’s safety is taken seriously, we run background checks on all our clients. These measures have been in place since the beginning and our members respect and admire our dedication to their success.

Come and see why singles in Sacramento choose Capital City Exclusive, call us at 916-949-5133 or email us at:

Remember your consultation is at no cost to you!

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