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Why Dating App Is Nothing but a Complete Waste of Your Time

I was exposed to the online dating world two months after my long-term relationship ended terribly. I needed to try something new to bring back my confidence. And at that time, nothing seemed better than signing up to Tinder.

Later did I know that was the worst mistake I’ve ever made in my life.

Many people, especially young girls, have this tendency to do what others around them think what’s best for them. You just broke up and are now 100% single. Why not try Tinder (or any other dating apps)?

“You’ve got nothing to lose!” — they said. While in reality, we’ve got a lot to lose without we realize it. The stress and troubles outweigh the fun. You may feel happy when you get all those virtual attention from several people at the same time, but you don’t actually have that one person who can stick around long enough.

Finding someone who can accept us for who we are is extremely hard nowadays. Especially when you meet people online, you can expect them to have many options on their hands, too, so it’s only reasonable for them to not stick with you too early — even if they tell you you’re special.

The Short-Term Happiness Isn’t Truly Worth Your Mental Health

When you just signed up and started swiping, there’s this rush feeling that’s hard to describe. It’s fun, exciting and some matches can make you nervous too. Not to mention those sudden “attention” can make the App somehow addictive.

The first date feels amazing, and you might stay in their place on the first night. But just when you think it’s going somewhere real, they disappear, stop talking to you, or even worse, block your number.

This is the most common thing that happens when you’re in an online dating pool. Many try to normalize this, but the damage to their mental health isn’t something that can be ignored for too long.

It’s like a cycle; you find someone you like > you start seeing them more regularly,> when you develop feelings, they’re ghosting you. Of course, this is mentally draining. Soon enough, if this keeps happening, you’ll begin to get so sick of love in general.

Getting Out of It Isn’t Easy Either

When things get too addictive, letting go of this bad habit of being fully active in online dating can be hard to break. I’ve had friends who have been in it since they’re in their early twenties, and now they’re approaching their late 20s — nothing changed.

They’re staying not because they love being there — they just don’t know any better. And they don’t think meeting someone in real life is a good choice either. So they keep the App open and let whoever comes in enter their life.

But too many times, it didn’t end well. It’s either they got scammed, or the relationship just didn’t go anywhere. It’s sad to see, but many need to start seeing this reality instead of claiming it’s the only best place to look for a relationship.

It’s Not the Best Place To Look for the “One”

It’s certainly not.

There are too many people who just want to hook up on Tinder, which isn’t practical if you’re looking for something real. Something that actually leads to a good relationship. Let’s be honest, no one wants to be in just a casual dating where two people base their whole relationship on sexual needs only.

In this pandemic where we all feel lonely, we need genuine connection with other human being more than anything. And the problem with looking for it in the dating apps such as Tinder or Bumble is that we have to be ready to get played in order to find the real one.

And no one knows “when” is that time will come. There’s a clear guarantee it’ll work for you. So why bother wasting time, right? If we’re being honest here, it’s not just time that we lost; it’s our peace, energy, and money.

Those time you can use on doing something better instead. Be it to improve yourself or just be happy alone. However, if you feel the urge to be with someone soon, there’s this better option for you that might be worth a try.

Here at Capital City Exclusive, we help people find their person. Unlike in dating apps such as Tinder, you will have a smoother experience because everyone who’s in it is as serious as you in looking for a relationship. So there will be no time for ghosting or even scamming other people.

Contact Capital City Exclusive now at (916) 949–5133 or send an email to us at to meet quality singles in Sacramento.

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