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Why hire a Matchmaker?

There has been a huge growth in the number of people using online dating websites. The

last three decades have brought us many different opportunities to meet people from

around the world, upload some pictures with your best smile, answer some information

about yourself and with a simple click on the dating website, you can start looking at

pictures of other singles. Swipe right or left you if want to communicate with them and pray

and hope they feel the same.

Many dating websites turned into niche dating websites such as Christians dating Christians,

Tatoo lovers dating sites, Older Singles, Pet lovers dating sites, and many more. People

began to use these different platforms because knowing that they had at minimum one

thing in common, would be better than nothing in common at all.

The biggest problem with these online dating websites is that there is no accountability.

Some of the online dating community has stated that they face people misrepresenting

themselves. Anyone can post a fake picture and profile. They can say that their name is Mary

but their real name is Mario. The lies just start there but they can be married but they say

they are single or widowed. They can say they are 25 years old but in reality, they are 65

years old and the lies continue until the person wants to meet in person and then they ghost

or cancel the date. One of our clients mentioned that she was completely romanced by a

gentleman until one day he asked her for $40,000.00.

With so much disarray and scamming on online dating websites, it eventually led to a show

on television called Catfish. I worked for an online dating website that had been in business

for thirty years and they would brag about having over 30,000 members. Sounds impressive

to a single person but digging further and really thinking of the information I realized it’s not

how many members they have but rather how many active members are currently using

your dating website. Once I requested actual current information and I was told less than

100 members I choose to resign. I did not want to be part of the problem.

This is why I find it easy to tell you why you should hire a professional matchmaker. A simple

search for a matchmaking service near me can help you find a list of firms with professional

matchmakers that are ready to help you find a match for you.

With the epidemic still lurking, matchmaking websites have become much more popular

than a decade ago. The following are some advantages of hiring a matchmaker.

Keep it Simple: To get started finding a matchmaker, make sure that they serve the

area that you live in. If you live in Sacramento or 50 miles within the Sacramento

surrounding area you can go to their website: https//

You can call Capital City Exclusive they are based out of Sacramento, easy to talk to,

and have a high level of integrity. Contact telephone is 916-949-5133 or email them at:

Higher chances to find your soulmate: Matchmaking works and is an excellent

approach to finding your soulmate. The representative will schedule a time that is

convenient for you two to meet. This is a great time to get to know more about how

the matchmaking process works and definitely a great time for the organization to

get specific information about your likes and dislikes. Your must-haves and

deal-breakers. Creating a profile that the matchmaker refers to while looking for a

solid real compatible match.

Safety protocol so you can have all the fun: In the matchmaking industry, we want

clients to feel safe and comfortable. We want our clients to know that we have done

everything possible to protect them. Both men and women have to go through a one and

one meeting during this time we ask questions regarding past behaviors, we create a true

and accurate profile with factual information, and real-life witnessed current pictures. We

run background checks on each and every client. Before any date gets recommended we

interview and screen for compatibility so that once you get a date you get to have all the

FUN you deserve.

Are you tired of waiting for the right one? Stop waiting and take action. Capital City Exclusive

works with Sacramentos finest Singles we are just a call away at (916) 949-5133 or email us

at and get the assistance of the best matchmakers in

Sacramento to move a step closer to the love of your life.

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