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Why Tinder Can Be the Worst Place To Look for a Real Relationship

In case you don’t know what Tinder is, it’s one of the dating apps out there that’s very popular alongside Bumble and any other apps.

While it sounds so promising to find someone you like from Tinder, many people also admit the toxicity inside it just isn’t worth your mental health.

If you’re new to dating and have been seeing all the hypes around it, you may need to reconsider or at least do a recheck on your expectations. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be in it, but I want you to be aware of all the negative sides of it, so you don’t just blindly sign up and start investing your time and energy.

Though there are cases where happy couples met from Tinder, there are also too many cases where people feel disappointed, lied to, even scammed. When this happens to you over and over again, it eventually will crush your self-esteem and believe that no one can love you.

That’s also how people start having trust issues. It’s hard to believe a genuine relationship exists when all you’re seeing is people getting lied to on Tinder. So beware of all of the downsides before you even decide to participate in the online dating world.

Too many downsides that aren’t worth your time and energy

The majority of my friends have had experienced Tinder at some point, and it’s still a sad thing to see that somehow they still can’t get over the bad experiences they had in there.

Here are some of those awful experiences they’ve shared:

Being ghosted

Getting ghosted isn’t nice, yet many have started “normalizing” it as if it’s something that doesn’t affect your mental health at all. But of course, it does. It makes you feel low and insecure about yourself.

“Why didn’t they reply to my texts? I thought we had a great connection!”

Guys especially think they have so many options on Tinder which is why it’s never easy for them to commit to one girl and ignore the rest. Think of it this way; you can choose whoever you’d like to “Netflix & chill” with just by swiping right in your bed, so why only taste one?

Unfortunately, girls think differently. And most of them end up falling into the “casual” dating trap where the guy just wants to hook up, and she sits there waiting for him to change his commitment issues. And when she pushes too hard, the guy just chooses the easiest route: ghosting.

This also explains why Tinder might not be the best place for you to find your mate if you’re someone with an anxious attachment style.

Being catfished

Thinking you’re talking to a handsome, rich man with zero red flags? But then, a couple of months later, you found out he’s apparently an old man in his 70s. When that happens, it means that person’s successfully catfished you.

It sucks because you’ve talked to them day in day out and are emotionally invested in the almost “relationship.” It usually takes 3–6 months for the “honeymoon” phase to fade out and make you realize the reality you’re in.

I’ve never seen anyone talking to someone online only for days (unless for a hookup), so when you’re in online dating, you usually end up spending lots of time talking virtually and trying to get to know each other.

So imagine how hurtful it is to only get catfished at the end of the day. Many have experienced this, and they claim it became a trauma for them.

Getting involved with a married man

This is one of the worst nightmares girls could experience. And sadly, myself included have met many married men on Tinder.

But it’s also upsetting that these men don’t completely declare their marital status on their bio, which left us, women thinking he’s just another single dude looking for someone online.

It’s only way later where we’ve been emotionally and physically involved with him that he started telling us the truth (or some even still hide it until getting caught).

This trick is so common, yet many who met through Tinder still fall for it.

There’s a better place for you to find a real connection.

People who are stuck in Tinder mostly don’t know that there’s any better solution to their problem.

Online dating is indeed hard, but it’s even harder when you lose yourself in it.

With all those downsides and very little reward, you need to consider your option to get into the online dating pool. You certainly don’t want to spend your whole swiping and hoping you’ll find the “one.”

It’s way much better to put that time and energy into a place where you know the people are also on the same page with you, looking for a real genuine relationship. And you can find them at Capital City Exclusive.

We help single people like you find the best potential partners who are ready to go for a fulfilling date. Contact Capital City Exclusive now at (916) 949–5133 or send an email to us at to meet quality singles in Sacramento.

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