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Our Process

    "If you want something you've never had, you must

      be willing to do something you've never done"

Our process begins the moment you call us or email us.  At that time you can ask us questions about Capital City Exclusive and we can ask questions about you.  A getting to know you session. 

When we meet in person and get to know you much better!  We get a chance to explain how we work and start making recommendations, we will review the specifics of your program to make sure you understand our process. At this one-on-one meeting you have to express your "Must Haves" and "You Will Never date" also your "likes and dislikes" Should you want to become a member we will run a background check.  Background checks are one way to protect our single men and women. Once your background check comes back clear, then your personal matchmaker will contact you directly to start with your personal introductions.  

After each introduction, our matchmaker will again discuss the date with you and see how the date went. Until you are in an exclusive relationship! Sometimes we get it right on the first date, other times it takes longer! But it is our job to keep working at it. 


"You either take control of your love life or it takes control of you. It’s that simple."

Personalized Search

Cliients and Matchmaker interview one on one to discover their unique qualities and to verify their request.

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Match Recruitment

We recruit specifically for singles who are a fit for your profile criteria

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Pre-screened and Hand- selected. We interview every client personally and make sure we they are serious about finding a true life partner, 

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Detailed Client Profile

We create a detailed profile that outlines speficaly what you are looking for. We take compatibility and other crite. to find the you the Match.

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Meet MatchMaker Face to Face

We meet with all our clients in person to make sure they are real. We believe this allows us to better get to understand your needs.

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100% confidential. We do not make a public profile or share information with any 3rd party affiliates.  We personally find you the match of your dreams. With our own client base

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